About Mediate Metrics

Mediate Metrics LLC was originally founded to help cultivate knowledgeable consumers of political news by objectively measuring media “slant” — news which contains either an embedded statements of bias (opinion) or an elements of editorial influence (factual content that reflects positively or negatively on U.S. political parties).

Mediate Metrics’ core technology is based on a custom machine classifier designed specifically for this application, and developed based on social science best practices with recognized leaders in the field of text analysis. Today,  text mining systems are primarily used as general purpose marketing tools for extracting insights from platforms such as like Twitter and Facebook, or from other large electronic databases. In contrast, the Mediate Metrics classifier was specifically devised to identify statements of bias (opinions) and influence (facts that reflects positively or negatively) on U.S. political parties from news program transcripts.

Advancements in computer science and natural language processing (NLP) have ushered in an era of machine-assisted analysis. Large scale text analytics techniques have been redefined by synthesizing  human judgments to systematically extract insights from unstructured data sets. Experts in the field of text analytics have also applied academic and industry breakthroughs to develop friendlier, collaborative NLP software systems.  Researchers now have the power to incorporate structured human decision-making into custom software classifiers, increasing the accuracy, efficiency, and quality of content analysis. Employing these techniques allows Mediate Metrics to quickly analyze a wide range of programming, and to continually refine and adapt our political slant measurement platform for the issues of the day..

General slant ratings and impact indices will be regularly made available on the Mediate Metrics web site. Custom analyses and reports are available upon request. Inquiries should be made via email to: barry@mediatemetrics.com, or by calling Mediate Metrics directly at: 630.752.8058.


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