Media Bias Measurement – Prelude

Have you noticed that political news is more about spin and emotional-triggering than facts and fairness?

Me too.

For years, I’ve been troubled by political news bias. Having worked briefly at a media measurement company, I began to wonder whether bias could be measured. I scoured the internet, looking for a method-or-model for quantitatively dimensioning bias. I could find none, so I developed my own.

While I believe that the core system is sound, further development is dependent on the input and guidance of others. If nothing else, I hope to learn from the process, and share that learning as broadly as possible.

Please visit this site again soon. It is obviously under construction, but I will be posting surveys in the coming days and weeks, based on transcripts of popular news programs, that will desperately need respondents. All data will be aggregated and anonymized. Your privacy will be diligently protected.

If nothing else, this will be an interesting experiment. But if this works, we might change the media landscape.

Go big or go home, right?

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4 thoughts on “Media Bias Measurement – Prelude

  1. The Pardu says:

    I communicated with you on my website related to the prospect of running some of your work on one of my sites. You indicted that with permission it could be OK as long as I clearly understood and state that your information is in no way meant to influence politically or socially. As I was about to post the desired article, I thought..:”wait, I need to qualify this posting with previous work from MMetrics1.” A large number of my readers live in foreign countries and a good deal of background should prelude the article you said that I could post on my site. Is it possible to start with this piece, MMetrics1?

    I will watch for some communication back that it is either OK or not. In either case, tks for this read. I am one of the Avatars on the right of this comment.

  2. […] Media Bias Measurement – Prelude ( […]

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